Hot off the press,,

My buddy Gary was nice enough to hook me up with some prints of some Trains we did in 1979-80.So yeah 30 yrs old,Man when i received them I couldn’t believe the job he did,I chose these 6 to  show the direction this crew was going in, in-terms of work, Before the drugs and craziness consumed us.My Favorite is by the artistic leader of MPC Colt R.i.P. (Planets),,It was done in 1980 the same yr  some of the best trains of that era  were produced,Hand of Doom Seen,Children of the grave Dondi,Futura,etc,,To name a few .Im not saying that this is on that same level but,what i am saying is its on a level that deserved a lot more than what it received,,Yes you had some killer trains by ,Tmt.Rtw, Tnb,with the cool B.boy and bode Characters which everyone was doing.Thats probably why i Love this piece Because It was so out of the box just like our split letter piece (his Idea).My other favorite is the Slip And Rock the top of the car was buffed it said MPC Crew in blue.All that paint came from the Martin paint Rack,,Im Just very thankful to have these pictures of some of our history.When i look @ these pictures it reminds me of the reasons I’m taking the steps I am.And to think (and im doing everything to be nice right now) that one person could have avoided his own self embarrassment by doing one simple thing.Giving respect to the people that were there before him, and Acknowledging the people that were part of the same crew he repped,,Oh well fuck em,,Loyalty-A hard lesson to learn this late in life,,

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5 Responses to Hot off the press,,

  1. kass1mpc origs says:

    damm john how that brings back memories

  2. esplanade says:

    always loved the slip colt and ad throw ups in the tunnel. you guys remember when you put those up? moticed in style wars that the colt one was up alone .. did you and ad do yours afterwards. those were a big inspiration to us back in the day.

    • mpcrew says:

      Thanks they were done in 1980.The Colt and Slip were done @ the same time. AD did his later after Case 2 went over them in Style Wars 1983.That’s what SK told me he took the shot @least 10 yrs after it was done.They lasted a long time,We get alot of comments about those,,Those throwups made a statement,,They said esplanade was home ,Colt and Slip were partners ,and that the MPC Crew was the real deal,,Thanks

  3. esplanade says:

    those throwies were mammoth size and crisp – well done for 1980 ! esplanade was home, thats for sure. tons of memories walking the tunnels, scoping out old colt, slip, ace 5 , cap, rook , ad tags. hanging on the rooftops scoping the stickouts – drinking beers and breaking chops with your friends. oh boy – how did time fly. i have some pics i can send you of some misc train pics if you are interested. let me know.

    • mpcrew says:

      Thanks,As far as the pictures cool.Were putting together a book deal so if you would like to contribute a paragraph or 2 that would be cool also,What being in (growing up) in Mpc meant to you,Writing adventure ,hanging out etc,The pics can be any thing not just trains People ,Places and things,,My email is,,all the best

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